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BudTrader™ is bringing together the medical marijuana community. Allowing not only patients but also local dispensaries to find the best medicine in the area. We have hundreds of thousands of clients registered on the website with more finding us daily. Advertise with us today!


Established – 2009
Page Views – 1M+ Monthly
Email Opt-Ins – 206,000
Registered Users – 150,000
Daily New Registered Users – 1,000+


Largest online medical marijuana outpost
Serving 25 states and Washington DC currently & expanding
Actively advocating MMJ legalization in states like Missouri, Arkansas, and Florida
Providing a safe place for patients, growers, and dispensaries to post classified ads for their products and services, free of charge
Employment forums for hiring and posting resumes for jobs in all aspects of MMJ


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Your ad will be highlighted and listed at the top of BudTrader.com $499.99/month or $149.99/week

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Top Banner Ads is the best way to brand your business, it will be displayed right next to our logo!

Below is a breakdown of our ad rates:

Homepage Top Right Banner: $3000 a month

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Michigan Top Right Banner: $1500 a month

Colorado Top Right Banner: $1500 a month

All other States Top Right Banners: $1000 a month

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Have your branded banner posted in the bottom right hand corner of every single BudTrader.com listings: $1,200/month or $400/week

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